Colleges & Universities, K-12 Institutions, & Organizations which support Educational Institutions

  • Independent investigations, including but not limited to Title IX matters    
  • Faculty and student grievances
  • Disability accommodations and access
  • Diversity initiatives
  • ​Copyright and trademark questions
  • Curriculum development agreements  
  • Online learning programs
  • Structuring fellowships and internships​
  • Special education
  • Faculty and student recruitment
  • STEM education programs 
  • Vendor agreements
  • Intellectual property ownership and license agreements
  • Government grants and sponsored research agreements and compliance  
  • Resolving business disputes

Janet Faulkner has served as in-house counsel for both a major research university and a liberal arts college in Boston, and for the Boston Public Schools.   Janet also volunteers at the K-12 and collegiate level. 

lab worker's gloved hand near several test tubes with green plants inside