Disability Law

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Navigating the Reasonable Accommodation Process

Evaluation of Potential Accommodations

Disability Grievance Investigation

Disability in Public Accommodations

Special Education Advocacy

Member, AHEAD (Association on Higher Education and Disability) & New England AHEAD

Disability: Professional Activities

Author, Accommodating Disabilities in the Title IX Grievance Process

United Educators EduRisk blog  UPDATED!

Janet Faulkner was cited by the National Council on Disability in its 2018 report

Not on the Radar: Sexual Assault of College Students with Disabilities.  The National Council on Disability is an independent federal agency committed to disability policy leadership.

Co-Presenter, The Intersection of Title IX and Disability

Speaker, Disability in a College Setting: Legal Considerations

Neuropsychology and Education Services for Children and Adolescents (NESCA)